Interestingly enough, after 100 days of being gluten-free, my weight remains unchanged. Hubby though notched his belt because he’s lost EIGHT pounds. So unfair. Blood sugar is still borderline, although it did come down 2 points. Vitamin D rose 2 points. How extreme do I need to get to lose the weight? I’ve been dealing with a plantar fasciitis since March that makes it hard enough to walk let alone exercise. I will start upper body and core exercising though. I can’t wait anymore.

Gluten free? Not really sure what physical changes have occurred? In my head, I know not eating and cooking with white flour is a healthy choice, but after reading so many people who have written about how DRASTICALLY they feel better, I was hoping to feel something too. Something explicit. Not something I have to think about if its a feel better kind of thing.

Feeling blue.