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It is definitely getting easier to think about living a gluten free life. Although, I miss a good loaf of sourdough dripping with butter! Luckily for me, this is a healthy lifestyle change not mitigated by gluten intolerance, so if I drop off the train now and then, I’m not going to beat myself up. On the other hand, I am making conscious decisions when determining what I will eat.

As an example, I took a work colleague out to dinner last week, at Derek’s in Manayunk, PA. She ordered a pizza (pesto and kalamata olives and cheese, thin crust) and I ordered a chopped salad. We split with each. So, yes, I ate gluten pizza, but three small pieces, instead of the whole darn thing. I have not cooked with gluten since I started this eighty days ago.

Here’s a run down of the products I’ve used so far:

This is a great brownie mix. I take them out of the oven a few minutes before done so the cake is moist and chewy. This is my go to brownie now.


This pizza mix made two large pizzas, enough for 4-6 people. Next time I will only use half the bag. The dough is allowed to rise and when baked has a good chew and browns up nice.



This one surprised me. A frozen rice disc. I figured it was going to be dry and taste like cardboard. I was wrong. It bakes to a nice crunch on the edge and remains chewy in the middle. A bit pricey at Whole Foods, but I will buy it again.


Today’s idea: Bake Macarons

Okay. I know this sounds like a bad idea. I’m not a baker. I don’t use recipes when I cook. But I know if I bake I need to get out the measuring cups and spoons! My daughter loves these cookies. She’s in NYU near several French bakeries. It’s almost the holidays and I do a marathon cookie days with a great friend so I need to find something spectacular for this years gluten free cookie. Why not a macaron? It’s almond meal, sugar,and egg whites. This is what the cookie looks like from the cookbook:


And what mine look like getting ready to bake.


Here’s the finished product.


I’m certainly happy to hear about your cooking gluten free adventures too. And how you are thinking about the upcoming holiday season.