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The last hurrah of the summer finds me on the 31st floor of the Borgata Water Works hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Thanks to the generosity of a friend, the Young One and I are staying gratis. It’s her last hurrah too, as she is back to NYU on Saturday for her senior year.

Anyway…eating gluten free in real life is hard enough and almost next to impossible when you have little control over the environment. Well, not impossible, but hard. I’m glad that I’m not really intolerant, that eating gluten free, for me, is a choice, not a necessity. For all of you with celiac, gosh, every food decision is crucial. You must be exhausted. Or perhaps it is “se lavie, life must go on.” [I know I spelled that wrong, no spell check in the iPad app of WordPress!]

Regardless, my journey is all about choices, and how I make the wrong ones often when it comes to food. Still. Although, this trip, I think I didn’t do too bad.

Dinner- tuna tartar (I ate one bite of the toast), onion ring (G), avocado and Gorgonzola salad, mashed potatoes, steamed lobster
Breakfast- yogurt, fresh fruit, granola (G) parfait, coffee
Snack- Think Thin crunchy peanut butter protein bar (GF, and I LOVE these, from home, always travel with them)
Lunch- blue corn chips, guacamole, and salsa, black grapes
Happy Hour- tiniest order of calamari (G), shared, and really I only ate 4-5 pieces
Dinner- sushi
Dessert- pistachio gelato and GF brownie (from home)

Can we go back to sushi for a minute? I’ve read so much about uni, delicacy from the sea. Tried it. Hated it. Nasty. The Young One said it tasted like trash washed up from the sea. That made me laugh. For all you uni lovers out there, don’t hate. You know it’s not for everybody!

Can I be honest and say this is what I wanted but didn’t have?
Nut and grain pancakes from iHop (although I’m not ruling them out yet), PASTA, ANY KIND, and pizza. Yes, I know, I can have that all GF, just not on vacation! I’ve asked. 😢