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Seems longer than 22 days since I decided to eat gluten free. What I’ve tried so far…

Made my own pasta the other day into chicken red pepper lasagna. It probably would have tasted great except I misread the recipe and did not boil the pasta first. Crunchy. Haven’t been taking pictures either. I’ve got to better with that?

I will definitely make pasta again. It wasn’t that hard. I would like to find a good recipe for extruded shapes though. All I can find so far is for rolled flat shapes.

The couple of cookbooks I order finally came but I’m disappointed. Three of them are recipes using, mostly, boxed GF products. I don’t want to buy pasta and bread. I want to make my own? Great book so far is the Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. Can’t get through it because I’m reading all the stories too.

I want to find low calorie recipes though. Just as with vegetarianism, this GF stuff is still riddled with fat and sugar.

I have not made bread yet but I finally have a good collection of flours…$100 later. Cheesh.

Restaurant Update
went out to the Couch Tomato Cafe in Manayunk for GF pizza. The pizza was good. Im not a critic, but i can say the crust was flatbread-like, a little tasteless though. Perhaps some herbs would help. Toppings were wonderful…we had fig, gorgonzola, pear, white, and margherita. All fresh ingredients. They served the pies on separated from the other serving dishes by a nice wooden paddle, and they even gave you a bring-home pie cutter! I was going to complain that they also charge a dollar extra for GF but with the care they serve, I feel bad doing that. Plus, cool, single serve Voga.

Also ordered a lamb, vegetable, and pork slider on GF buns. Each were tasty. The pork was the favorite. The buns did not get rave reviews. They were not at all fluffy buns, but seemed like two disks of something similar to a crumpet. Probably would not waste my money on them again.

Parents are the best human beings on the planet
I’m visiting mine this weekend, and I mentioned I was eating GF. Not that I expected them to make changes for me, and I figured that I might have gluten while there. But, my mom went out and bought GF pancake batter before I got up the next morning. How awesome was that? 😍

And then last night we were going out to dinner and she looked up the restaurants that had GF options. We ate at Carabba’s and those options were kind of lame…”ask for no croutons in the salads” or “no grill baste” on the meats, and the obvious, no pasta. Really? An Italian restaurant can’t make GF pasta or a crustless cheesecake?

Best daughter in the world!
@lillyfbaby came home from school for three weeks and she even has decided to eat GF with us. Although I am sending her back to college with all our gluten pantry items!

Health update
No pounds lost for me. Hubby lost a few but put them back on – he doesn’t need to diet, but I do! I did eat gluten one night and had indigestion that woke me up for a three tums snack. Was it the gluten or the alcohol? Not sure, but I haven’t had that since. I think I might be able to say that I have felt less indigestion and bloatedness lately.

So far, I miss bread products and breaded things!