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It’s been about a week since me and hubby are attempting to be gluten-free, and at the least white flour free. This is definitely a different track than I originally planned. How did it start?

I met a guy who has celiac and he was so surprised and appreciative when I produced GF muffins for breakfast. And they were good, thanks to Main Line Bakery, Wynnewood. We started talking about gluten and the levels of intolerance we each have- from total intolerance (celiac) to how our bodies tell us to stop eating it (some anecdotal narratives that gluten impacts IBS and fibromyalgia, and other Autoimmune disorders). I don’t have an intolerance, not to my knowledge, but I was recently diagnosed with asymptomatic diverticulosis, and hubby has IBS. So now I am wondering if we eliminated gluten from our diets would we feel healthier?

We’re going to try it wherever we can make the substitutions. Here is what we’re consciously doing so far:

Using corn or brown rice pasta
I’ve cooked twice with brown rice pasta and have to say I don’t care for it. The smell of it cooking is a little off putting. The color is ick. And I don’t really like the texture.

This week I made a brown rice spaghetti bake. Big substitutions were the pasta and then I used a mozzarella like almond cheese. The cheese was supposed to “melt” but it didn’t really. No gooey cheese strings. But it did taste and shred like mozzarella. Hubby liked it. I did not.

Now the corn, or even corn quinoa blend I really like. Holds its shape and al dente bite. Added a seafood red sauce and it was tasty.

GF Bread

This is really hard. Mostly because it is so expensive, and so far, not all that tasty. I found some rolls that I have been using to make croutons for the salads we’re trying to eat several times a week. Also had an English muffin from Trader Joes and a bagel made by Udi that was acceptable. I’m not sure “acceptable” should be a minimum requirement. To that end I’ve bought a couple of cookbooks that I’m hoping are going to help me make my own tasty baked goods.

This will be really hard when making pizza. I’ve been using herb dough from TJ but that has to go since it is made from wheat flour. I bought a couple of different mixes, so we’ll see.

This is my biggest complaint! really? $9 for a small loaf of bread. $5+ for a 12oz bag of flour. ROBBERY! Whole Foods is too expensive, $4+ for pasta, come on! Trader Joes is better, but I thought they would have more options then they do. Surprising I found a whole section (small) at Walmart that had many of the same brands at a fraction of the cost. But still.

Since I love to cook I will just have to learn, finally, how to make my own bread and pasta.

Corn tortillas
Glad to know that these are, for the most part, GF. I’ve been using them alot this week. I’ve been making my own baked chips for a while now, and just tried using a rice tortilla from TJ, canola oil, spice, and baked. Made a great chip with my take on baba ganoush (grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, a few olives and pepperocini, and raw cashews).

Health update
Do I feel any better? I really can’t tell. No weight loss either. It’s a journey.